Month: December 2016

Success Is Tapping Into Our Inner Strengths

Success Is Tapping Into Our Inner Strengths

People take interest in their own problems, in their own tastes, in their own hobbies, in their own children, in their own professions and everything of their own. We see our interest in movies, in books, in conversations and relationships, when there is something common with our views and attitudes. Therefore, if we wish to win people, offer our services and products to others, or wish to become a professional teacher, lawyer, doctor or businessman. We must build up interest of other that a desire is generated in others to gain something in their lives.

During the general elections, politicians and political talk about people’s interest, and promise steps to usher in prosperity by banishing poverty. None of these are fulfilled, but the promises in a different colour and shape with attractive slogans are packaged next time to attract votes. When they talk to the masses and arouse their interest, they respond, and later regret for having gained nothing.

All human beings struggle their whole life to reach happiness. What makes people happy? Is the money, health, success, peace of mind and opportunities to lift one’s standards? It is a combination of all these things, but the prerequisite is healthy thoughts. If you are frustrated, disappointed, jilted or have no philosophy or principle to hang on to, then you become sick and boycotted by others. “A happy oyster with nothing to irritate will not produce the pearl.” Whatever is the condition or situation, one can be happy, if he or she has the right attitude and training to look at life through rose coloured glasses.

Lord Buddha said: “If a man speaks or acts with a pure though, happiness follows him like a shadow that never leaves him.” My friend used to say: “If you are happy till twenty, you are happy forever.” A Hindu Proverb says: “Help the brother’s boat across and thine has reached the shore.” Walt Disney in a movie created the character Pollyanna, a girl who takes grimness out of life by finding something to be glad about in every situation. That is the spirit of a magician.

When Performance Matters, Heart Is More Important Than The Head

When Performance Matters, Heart Is More Important Than The Head

A person who suffered heart attack and survived had this to say: “For the first time, I realized that life has a high value. Instead of taking things for granted, I stared viewing life as a gift which should not be wasted away in unproductive activities. I enjoy being with people more. I enjoy nature, seeing buds flowering, trees giving fruits and the advent of spring, which is something wonderful.”

Living life in the present moment, enjoying life as young children do with amazement and wonder, considering work as play and taking sleep as an instrument to reenergize the system are remarkable and pleasurable. Remember, that life cannot be postponed; there is an urgency for living every moment to the fullest. If there is an opportunity to do anything good, do it now, because we will pass this way only once.

Life is a blank slate on which we script the meaning we choose. Many survivors of life open their eyes, wake up and see a new mission and purpose in their lives. People who know that they are dying want to squeeze the maximum out of the time left; they want to make others happy and fulfilled, and they want to forget the exit time and exploit the present.

Virginia Woolf asks: “What is the meaning of life? The great revelation never did come. Instead, there were little daily miracles, illumination and happenings which could never be described.”

A friend of mine who almost died because of high fever but returned from the brink said: “It changed my philosophy in life. From being a passive person, I became an assertive person. I wanted to write, paint and felt that it has got to be now and here. I wanted to go back to school and take a degree as I had very little time left.”

The search for a meaning in life compels people to search for deeper understanding of the nature of life and for a higher consciousness to penetrate the hidden secrets of life. Searchers become more involved in personal growth, religious and spiritual adventures, community living and academic pursuits.

The Magic Effect of Belief

The Magic Effect of Belief

Countless studies have shown that a placebo (non medicine) has equal effect as a real drug. The power of ‘placebo effect’ is that people do not know that they are receiving a placebo, but their belief in the real drug and their confidence that they are going to improve is so powerful that it actually works’ even though they did not receive that real drug.

Placebo used by scientists to treat Parkinson’s disease, depression and pain worked as good as the actual treatment. Imagine how powerful is the human brain if it can actually heal the body and mind with a mere sugar pill? Imagine the changes that could occur in our lives if we administer ourselves a self-esteem placebo? Imagine just for one day, that we have taken a self-esteem pill and it is working, our innate gifts are shining and we are at our best.

Tradition and fear are the most common reason why people do not change their beliefs. We hear people saying: “We have always done it this way.” Many of us are afraid of the unknown and lack confidence to bring about a change in our lives. Imagine, people travelling by the same route to the workplace, or may going for morning walks on the same route or people taking bath the same way, applying soap at the some parts of the body, which shows that life becomes automatic and any change is resisted for no specific reason.

Abraham Lincoln once said: “I will work and prepare and soon my day will come.” He lost several elections, suffered nervous breakdown, lost his child, went bankrupt but optimist and positive thinking saw him from tragedy to triumph. He become President of America, remembered by generations for the persistence while facing defeat. Some people misunderstand optimism for joy, happiness and well being, but optimism merely an outlook, an attitude, to achieve. It means valuing hope and changing darkness into sunlight.

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