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Future after MBBS:10 Things you could do after your Graduation

Future after MBBS:10 Things you could do after your Graduation

Students often believe that after they get done with their MBBS degree course, they will only be restricted to treating patients and there won’t be any scope of improvement from a place like that. Surprising as it may sound, that really isn’t the truth. With adequate research, it turns out that there are more than a handful of options that could be explored post such a herculean degree.

  1. Firstly, you could go with an MS, an MD or a diploma. Now, as goes true for a lot of other fields, this field of medicine also offers a wide range of areas that you could specialize in. They include general surgery, gynaecology, internal surgery and the likes. This option, however, is best suited for those students who wish to continue with their medical career and want to establish themselves as a physician, surgeon, specialist or the good old family doctor.
  2. Secondly and quite importantly, what is open, after any sort of graduation is the field of civil services. Once you are through with your MBBS, you can choose to join the governmental administration and participate as an IAS, an IPS, an IRS, or an IFS officer, to name a few. Being an MBBS, you must be a bookworm and to get through the civil services, you have got to be one for a little longer.
  3. Similarly, there is MBA. There is a growing need for doctors with an MBA degree, looking at the growing trend of huge hospitals and pharmaceutical companies. This same demand happens to encourage institutions to take up MBBS students for their MBA programs.
  4. In medical research, we happen to be lagging and if it interests you, various institutions offer a bunch of opportunities in the said field. ICMR, situated in Delhi, is one such. A couple of institutes also happen to offer Ph.D.’s in medicine. So there will be two “Dr.” Before your name. JK!
  5. There happens to be a post graduate course for three years called the Masters in Health Administration (MHA). As I mentioned earlier, there was a growing need for doctors with MBA’s. That ends up being a little more business oriented. This particular course, MHS, is more medicine oriented and thus, helps a huge deal in managing huge hospitals and well, you mint money too.
  6. IIT’s happen to offer a course called M.Tech in Biomedical Engineering and Biomedical Sciences. For those of you who are also passionate about machines as much as you are about treating patients, you could choose this as an alternative. You can, after such a course, help build more effective machinery, including better instruments to treat patients and to improve the quality of healthcare.
  7. While opting for civil services will put you into mainstream administration, severing all your ties with the medical career, the Combined Medical Services (CMS) exam wouldn’t. This exam is also organised by the UPSC but for a different purpose, ofcourse. After clearing such an exam, you would be working with the government in railways or municipal corporations as medical officers. It is a good option if you want a permanent job with the government, with all its perks!
  8. There is something called the United States Medical Licensing Exam (USMLE), after which you will be eligible to practice as an International Medical Graduate (IMG). It is a three step exam and after clearing this, you are going to have to be interviewed to get selected for a residency, meaning a PG course. As it is, it’s a global platform and highly competitive. You are going to have to pull your socks up for this one.
  9. Additionally, there are various short certificate courses that can be done after an MBBS. These are offered not just in India but also in different countries, Especially, looking at how well they are medically equipped. India has a list of diplomas that it offers. Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) is one such, offered by the US. It’s a two-day course in critical care skills, among many others.
  10. Lastly, if you consider teaching as something you would enjoy doing, you could take up the job of a teacher at college or coaching class levels. For being good at it, you might want to consider getting a PG degree so as to improve your chances of being a faculty member at a reputed medical college.

A lot of students face dilemma after completing their MBBS degree and it is natural, if we take into account the plethora of options available. However, in recent years, we have noticed that a robust CV will certainly give you a competitive edge over others when you apply for a job in the medical profession, but what makes for a robust CV? In an attempt to answer this very question, Curaa has come up with a viable solution for graduates – the CV enhancement service, which is sure to boost your chances at the desired job offer.

All of Life is a Laboratory

All of Life is a Laboratory

My Grandfather once told me “Little plans have no power to stir your blood. People make a lasting difference in their families and communities, when they align their lives in the direction of something that stirs their blood. A great goal lifts the spirit and ignites in the heart, a compelling sense of direction and purpose. Even when big dreams don’t come true, they change us for the better. They focus our actions and stretch us to learn, grow and serve.”

Consider the dream of Mahatma Gandhi to win freedom for India and break shackles of slavery. Consider Mother Teresa who wanted to help the spirits and fortunes of the poorest of the poor. Consider Martin Luther King (Jr.) who fought to win freedom and equality for the blacks. These dreams mobilized their energies and efforts to achieve what they desired.

I know of a women trying to spread the beauty of nature to everyone. She grows flowers and brings them to patients in hospitals and nursing homes letting their blooms to brighten their days. My own observations on the lives of great people has revealed that there are certain basic rules for accomplishment like self-confidence, positive creative thinking, hard work, focus on purpose and clean living. The value of these rules is widely recognized, but very few practice them. There is no barrel of luck or a magic pull to win in life. It is sheer commitment, an obsession to win and convert it into reality. A lofty example, of converting hard work into fortune was the work of Orison Swett Marden.

He interviewed some great people like Thomas. A. Edison, John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, Alexander, Graham Bell and many others. He wrote the book ‘pushing to the front’. Before publication the manuscript was burnt down in a fire. Although, it was a severe economic blow to Marden, with grit and determination, he rewrote the book but it could not be published due to economic depression.

He believed that “Nothing is impossible to the man who has the will”. Marden went round to publisher but the book ‘pushing to the front’ was rejected. He waited and when the economic situation was improving, because of his persistent efforts and deep faith, it was published in 1894. The first edition was sold out fast and the second edition too. Eventually the book went through 250 editions, was translated into many languages.

On the same theme, he wrote, other books like ‘The Optimistic Life’, ‘He can who thinks he can’, ‘Masterful Personality’, ‘Ambition and Success’ and so on. In 1911, Marden brought out an enlarged edition of ‘Pushing to the Front’ which became the best seller. Eventually 30 of his books were translated into other languages and more than three million copies were sold in 25 languages. The greatest thing a man can do in the world is to make the most possible out of the talents given to him by the Lord.

This is success and no other factor. Many in this world, not only waste their time, talents and skill, but do not even try to utilize a fraction of the qualities that lie buried in him or her. Miracle begin to happen when you change your I can’t philosophy into I can. Many people in this world give up halfway, when success is so near. It requires courage to sustain, persist, hang on, when circumstances are not favourable. The saying is ‘Courage does not always roar”. Sometimes, it is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying “I will try again tomorrow”.

The gap between what can be imagined and what can be accomplished has never been smaller. But, it takes great goals to lead us out of everyday limits into accomplishing more than we ever thoughts we could.

One of the persistent Obstacles to unlocking human capacity is the vagueness or narrowness of our view of time. If we let ourselves get swept along, there is little change to ponder what is yet to come which may be a big event. To live life to the fullest, none of those views we hold on will do. Instead, we must learn to devote our attention to the present while holding it in the background of past lessons.

History and memory are vital factors in unlocking human potential. If we spend a few minutes on our background and how we arrived at the present moment, it can influence in what is to become in future.

Some parents admonish their children saying “Stand up Straight” which may be an unnatural position when you are under stress, depressed or exhausted. Helen Keller said “Hold your head high; look the world straight in the eye”. Remember, she was blind, dumb and deaf. But we are normal with faculties working. We can do better than we think. The spirit of service is a vital factor to improve ourselves and others too.


Marketing your Mastery

Marketing your Mastery

We are all marketable depending on the skills we have. What is that quality which we can sell? Our talent, track record, potential and portfolio decide our success or failure. The more potential we have, the more powerful our portfolio, the better our chances of promoting ourselves. We have to be constantly up-to-date and a step ahead of the competition. Continuous honing, sharpening and upgrading ourselves and our skills are, perhaps, good marketing. If we blow things off more than we blow people away, the slide downwards is very fast. There are people in this world who have almost zero talents, but become big due to struggle and hard work. When we consistently do good work, people notice and entrust us with more responsibilities and monetary compensations. There are many talented people in this world who never get a big break. It is a combination of extra-ordinary talent and carving a way to let right people know about your talents. Every job we do is marketing and promotion. It does not matter how much time we have to consume; it is the ultimate result that matters. A musician practices for two hours a day and says, “I hate it but on the day of the concert, there is applause. We must have challenges and we should try to solve them”. After a concert, a fan rushed to Bharat Ratna M.S. Subbalakshmi and said: “I would give my whole life to sing as beautifully as you do”. She replied: “In fact, I did sacrifice my life to be the best”.

One should have a unique style being different from others. You get noticed: people fawn upon you; they want to be near you, to be associated, to be photographed, to be mentioned in the press. At the same time, one should drop the things, which does not suit his or her style. That way, we can cut the crap, the boast, and get down making ourselves stronger and more wanted by people.Whether you are an artist, bureaucrat, businessman or a labourer, you have an audience to satisfy. You can call that audience by different names, but they do exist. Remember, that you are entitled to your best performance when they witness with that expectation. There are constant complaints about the behaviour of bureaucracy for delay, harassment, corruption and negative attitude. All this happens because of bureaucratic for delay, harassment, corruption and negative attitude. All this happens because of bureaucratic culture that has immersed the system!

Everyone who has achieved greatness or fulfilment in life started with the dream. That calls up our limitless spiritual resources to move us forward towards our vision. An unlimited power to create lies within all of us. That should motivate us towards our goal constantly. Total commitment to a cause is like throwing a pebble into a lake; it creates ripples of value and good fortune, throughout our lives, with worthy results to follow. Knowing and accepting ourselves is a difficult preposition. Before we can make any physical changes, we should know who we are. This is the solid foundation that would help us to transform life. Imagine what happen when we build a house on a shaky foundation? It eventually collapses. We all need to accept ourselves as we are, no matter how it turns out at the end. So, spend some time to know yourself, to understand our strengths and weaknesses, what motivates us, and what we like or dislike about ourselves.

We may not really know whether we have control on our lives, or we are mere victims of circumstances. Stand in front of a mirror, and look at what you see there. As nothing stays the same and things are changing we also change. Once we take responsibility to run our lives, it is time to move on and capture new heights. Mature persons have a desire to produce their best, and give credit to the partners. Putting our talents to each endeavour to create and recreate life is the tool and weapon to progress. Mature persons are continually growing to reach new destinations and horizons. We are responsible for our lives; well-being and actions in all areas open to our choice. We may operate self-responsibility in our context and passively in another. For example, we may be self-responsible financially, but dependent on other emotionally. We may be pro-active when working for ourselves, but reactive and non-accountable when working for someone else. We may take a good deal of responsibility for our physical health, but irresponsible demonstrating irrational behaviour towards our spouse and children. If we are educated and manage to learn on our own, that we are responsible for the actions we initiate on the basis of our feelings, the chances are that we will be less impulsive and more thoughtful about our behaviour. A saying highlights: “If I want it, I need it. If I need it, I have the right to have it. If I have a right to it, someone owes it to me”.

Supercharge your Career

Supercharge your Career

You can do anything you wish to do, have anything you wish to have, be anything you wish to be, if you try. Building up a career requires character, integrity, commitment and liking for the work. In Japan, job becomes hereditary, family being affiliated to a company, organization or trade. But in the western countries, it is job-hopping to improve prospects, create wealth, even if there is no job satisfaction. Predicting the future is not that difficulty, first, there will be more changes happening around us as days roll on; second, there will be more competition in our field, than before; third, there will be more opportunities to build up a career as more channels will open up as we proceed ahead in life. Fourth, the opportunities have to be converted into a concrete reality. Andrew grove, Chairman of Intel Corporation said, that one of the profound changes of recent times is that each person is the architect of his own career and life. You need not rely on a company or corporation to take care of you or your family. The reliance is on yourself as you are the chairman of your own life corporation. You are always self-employed, no matter who signs your paycheck.

Today, we are trying to solve life’s problems through violent means when actually life is a gift to be shared with others. We have to move from the gun culture to fun culture. The approach and attitude should be to plan the best, expect the worst and be prepared for a surprise. A happy person can never become violent. When grievances mount in his thinking, there is a burst, which is likely to happen in any situation. Be a unifier and not a divider, because unity adds to strength and division weakens everyone.There is the story of an old man dying on his bed. He called his four sons and gave them one stick each and asked them to break it, which they could easily do. After that, he gave each of them a bundle of sticks tied together, and asked them to break it. They could not. He said: “Sons! Be united and never separate and dissipate your energy. Also remember, that winning is not excelling or surpassing others; winning is to become better than yesterday. “There is the story of a businessman who approached Ramakrishna Paramhamsa and said: “I had everything in life; I have lost everything in business through speculation. Can you show me the path to live in future?”

The sage said: “You have lost nothing; you can rebuild yourself and it is in your own hand. Take a decision and proceed ahead. Remember, that the world is a mirror and it reflects back your beliefs, convictions, your attitude and faith. For example, through extra work, enthusiasm and unlimited energy, you can be where you were and go above it, if you continue to strive”. All our problems will be solved, when memories of failure are erased and past successes and victories are remembered. In a Punjabi folk tale, a sage visited the palace of the King and saw the Prince playing in the garden. The sage gave the Prince three dolls from his bag with a thread and asked the Prince to insert it in the right ear of one of doll. When the prince inserted from the right ear, it came out of the left ear. In the second doll, it came out of the mouth; in the third one, it did not come out at all.

The sage asked the Prince what it meant. He answered the question himself. “The first doll represented the question himself. “ The first doll represented people who do not bother to listen; the second one represented people who repeated other people’s versions and opinions; and the third represented those people “who will not reveal to others what they have heard”. When the Prince asked which among the dolls is the best, the sage pulled out a fourth doll and asked him to repeat the chore. The Prince inserted the thread in the right ear, and it came out of the left ear. When he repeated a second time, it came out of the mouth. A third time, it did not come out at all. The sage said: “This person is the best and trustworthy. He knows when to listen, when to remain silent and when to speak out. If this system is practiced, you will be a great King!” This advice only means that one has to restructure his activities, continually focus and refocus on a few things for most of the results. All of life is a test in some way or the other. The potential of a person is a huge ocean unsailed, a new continent unexplored, a world of possibilities waiting to be released and channelled towards some great good.

Adding value to Yourself

Adding value to Yourself

Talmud, the Jewish Scripter says, “Unhappy is he who mistakes the branch for the tree; the shadow for the substance.” For example, the share market attracts many people, as they believe that it is important for their welfare and future. There are people who live and die with the fluctuations of the market. Some have even committed suicide, unable to suffer the loss not realizing that it is a fantasy world. When the market is up, the person is happy, when it is down he feels miserable. Once you step out of such a dream world, you see them all for what they really are! Robert Kiyosaki in his book, ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad,’ says that we are all fed on the illusion that owning a home is an asset. The author argues that assets produce income, while liabilities are dead debts and outflow of capital. Some call it digging a ‘hole in water’. The alternative is to make a hole on the ground; you may get oil, gold or diamond! Then what is reality? The dying person will say, “All activities that matter, even when you are given a death sentence, are the realities of success that result in truth,” The person living in the fantasy world suddenly is shaken when the ‘hype’ comes into the open. The ‘yes-man’ is another example, who, with no independent views, is not able to contribute anything. As an executive observed, “When two partners agree too often, one of them is unnecessary,”

In fact, disagreement is the seed of innovation because you can’t discover what you don’t know based on what you know. For example, the great art works, inventions, poetry, songs, operas, musical compositions and ideas that we see and enjoy are due to the genius of innovators and original thinkers. As Henry Thoreau, “the tragedy of life is that most men lead lives of desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.” When we decide to launch ourselves for a successful life, it is like a rocket, which consumes tremendous energy in the take-off stage, and later it becomes steady, going towards its objectives. Those who work from ten to five in the office, looking at the clock for the launch and coffee break, achieve nothing as they remain mediocre. On the Contrary, the person who gets up one hour earlier, reads, hears tapes or at least thinks what he should do for the day, is definitely a good starter and ends up creating, contributing something.

Similarly, a person working overtime or on holidays devoting a few hours’ climbs the career, ladder, when others are at the bottom. The popular saying is, “May be, people need something to fill their minds, to fill the void, to feel alive.” Living purposefully, creating something new, or thinking about the unusual represents the actualisation of the human potential. Innovation is not only making of the new, but also rearranging the old in a new way. The human subconscious is a vast storehouse containing wisdom of the past the understanding of the present and the vision of the future. By tapping into its vast reserves, we can create new thoughts and act upon it. There is a saying, “when everyone thinks alike, no one is thinking at all,” That is the beauty of ‘yes-man’ who surround the power centre and produce mediocre decisions. It may be called becoming a ‘carbon copy’ instead of carving out something new. The photocopying machine can produce any number of copies from one original or master copy but the master copy is the key.

When you render more service, the return also is bountiful because ‘service is the rent you pay for the space you occupy here on the planet Earth’. In many industries including hotels, malls and educational institutions, we find a Board displaying, “The customer comes first’ or ‘the customer is king etc. It indicates more service than ordinary. Only when we attain excellence in our chosen field of endeavour, Can we hope to become successful in life. Anything less, we can’t reach our full potential. It is a thin line between high achievers and others. For example, in any game like tennis, the form, agility, reflex action, speed of service and quality of play counts a lot in winning or losing, similarly, in golf, only one or two shots separate the champion from others. In Olympics, the difference between gold and the silver medal in a 100-meter dash is fraction of a second. Vince Lombardi, the celebrated American Coach said once. “The quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion to his commitment to excellence, regardless of his chosen field of endeavour.” It is in our hands alone, to improve the quality of our lives. Superior human relations are the master key to victory!

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