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Resume Writing Services for Doctors

Resume Writing Services for Doctors

First, it was struggling with getting into medical, then studying hard semester after semester, coming out with flying colors.  And here you are ready to fight a fresh battle you know very little about. Finding an employment. What worries doctors who’ve recently passed out or are looking for a shift is making a CV.

In this highly competitive job market no matter which institute a doctor has passed out from or how well she/he has scored, if doctor’s CV does not present her well, their career may be in jeopardy.

For a doctor looking for a suitable employment, CV acts as his/her gate pass. CV establishes an aspiring employee’s first contact with his/her potential employer.  Therefore it has to create a good impression about the applicant in the mind of the recruiter. If for a doctor the CV can do it, it will stand him in good stead in the long run. But if it reads weak and mediocre, or is made casually, all the years spent studying to become a doctor will stare in your face.

For those who do not know where to begin, seek the help of experts who make CVs for doctors.

The objective of a doctor’s CV is to present and highlight relevant information about you, your skills, qualifications, and experience to a prospective employer in the best light. A good CV helps to create a picture of the candidate in the mind of a recruiter and decide in favor of you. Essentially it is nothing but a personalized response from you to a vacancy that you are interested in applying for. Hence it is important that you create a good resume, keep it up-to-date so that it can be presented at the shortest notice, and let it be flexible to an extent.

As technology is advancing most jobs are processed via the internet. It is an accepted fact these days that selection process for most medical posts is being carried out using online application forms. However, this does not in any way reduce the role and importance of curriculum vitae (CV). It is still used by hospitals and companies having vacancies for doctors to shortlist candidates. CV again plays an important role at the time of interview. Hence it is important that you do not compromise when it comes to standard of your CV.

  • Content & Columns for Doctors’ CV
  • There are some specific tips to keep in mind while Doctors make their CV.
  • Keep Experience & Accomplishments Separate

A doctor should ensure that she/he projects experience and achievements as separate headings. This will make it easy for the potential employer to clearly and quickly evaluate your profile. A professional sequence to present yourself is; Academic qualifications, On-job or clinical experience, Non-clinical skills and reference. Your CV should clearly highlight your career history, clinical skills, and relevant experience; you should also mention development courses and conferences that you may have attended during the course of pursuing studies or on the job.

Research experience should also have a prominent position in a doctor’s CV. You should mention the topic of research, time spent, location, supervisor, the source of funding, the objective behind the research, your role and the final outcome.

If you have participated in a clinical audit you should highlight it in the CV. Include this experience with details like month or year commenced and completed the topic of clinical audit, place where it was carried out, (name of institution etc.), how you contributed, along with the guidelines within which clinical audit was carried out.

Presented or Published Papers:

In the course of research or while carrying out clinical audits if doctors have presented or submitted papers for publication they should mention it in the CV. They should mention the topic on which papers were submitted, the name of the journal they were published in, and date of publication.

Participated in Teaching? Include in your CV:

If you have ever participated in teaching programs do not forget to include it in the CV as it is bound to add strength to CV. Mention which semester or batch you taught, topic, methods you employed for teaching and any other aspect that needs to be highlighted.

IT Skills:

Increasing number of companies in healthcare industry want to employ doctors who are technology savvy and a number of things happening or supported by technology are rising rapidly and companies need doctors who can take control of the situation quickly and do not panic when a change occurs.

The column of personal interest should not be taken casually or be treated as something irrelevant because it helps to project your approach to life. Your interests other than your profession project your beliefs as a person and help to paint a picture of you in the mind of the recruiter.

Make a CV that sounds crisp & to-the-point so that you can secure a place at the interview in the institution of your choice.

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Best Ways to Find Doctors Jobs in 2017

Best Ways to Find Doctors Jobs in 2017

With a rise in the number of medical colleges coming up, competition for jobs amid doctors is also on the rise.  There was a time when the fact that you were a doctor was enough to land you a job in the place and hospital of your choice. Those were the times when we followed newspapers for appointment advertisements and applied against them. Sometimes we sought reference of seniors. We would patiently wait through long queues for collecting application forms to get into government jobs that were considered the thing then.  And after applying there would another long wait.

But it’s a story this generation can’t even relate to. Now there are many more medical colleges, many more specialization streams and there is the INTERNET! The fact that competition has also increased can’t be denied. There are so many doctors passing out every year, pursuing specialization from world class institutions, earning good grades from well-known colleges and so on. Competition has certainly increased the stress of landing a good job for doctors no matter how well they have performed academically. But for those who are smart and wise end up doing well for themselves even in the job market.

New Generation Has New Employment Challenges, More Competition But Also Enjoys Better Avenues & New Opportunities:

One Best Way to Land a Good Job

For those who actually believe that there is one best way to land a good job is disillusioned.  There is no one way, one formula, one website, or one portal that will offer you the job you had been dreaming of unless you are lucky!

So if you are a doctor and looking for a career in medical field, the most effective way is to explore all mediums with equal seriousness and dedication. Because you never know where the opportunity may find you!

From Traditional Newspapers to Internet Explore All

Do not miss the age old traditional appointment advertisements in newspapers; keep an eye on national as well as local ones. Go through medical journals. Keep people informed that you’re on a lookout for a job. And finally, of course, go online! No journey is ever going to be complete without surfing the internet. 

Keep an Eye on Health-Care Portals

There are many reliable recruitment Portals which display all kinds of jobs. Shortlist and visit them often for updates. Then there are specialized recruitment portals focusing on healthcare industry! They are super convenient and super-focused vehicles for doctors or those in the medical field where you are likely to find the most outstanding and lucrative job openings for doctors in India and abroad.

Explore Employment Options Vertically & Horizontally

Along with eyes, also keep your mind open while looking for employment opportunity as a doctor. Doctors may also be required to teach, they may be required in the pharma industry. And these are interesting options offering healthy growth prospects as these are challenging fields too. If you are keen to teach, you can join a medical college in the capacity of professor or if you are interested in research there is pharma industry developing and launching new drugs every day. You can get into research too. So just broaden your horizon and look as far and as wide you can.

A Good CV & Covering Letter Makes All The Difference!

If your resume is weak, your chances of finding good employment will be meek. So before setting out, get ready. The first step is to make an impressive CV. Get a professional to do the job for you. The way you can shine through well-made CV will be good for your career and help you find a job with a good firm. Make a covering letter that reflects your true personality. This combination of good CV and a covering letter will work wonders for you. Over-the–top or exaggerated CV is a huge putt off. Steer clear of it.

So give it your best shot. To be a winner in the real world is going to be tough but also interesting and satisfying.  And do not worry too much. Doctors’ jobs are never going to be hard to find as long as there is life on earth and there are people falling sick.

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Role of Technological Advancements in Transforming Healthcare Industry

Role of Technological Advancements in Transforming Healthcare Industry

Healthcare industry has come a long way in India as well as globally. It is comparable to what it looked and did till a few a decades ago.  The industry was primarily about clinics, hospitals, chemist shops and pathology labs. Healthcare was about a traditional set up with manual records of patients and long unending queues. There were private nursing homes too, but they came for a cost. And advanced treatments were generally not within the reach of a common man.

Shift from Traditional Set-Up

We know how advent of internet and technology changed the world and how transformed every aspect of our life. It transformed healthcare industry too. Technology turned around the healthcare industry to become what it is today.

Technology solutions in the healthcare industry are helping the healthcare and medical industry to improve in many ways. Technology plays a very crucial role in reforming medical care by bringing down costs, the accuracy that technology has made possible in performing tests, precision in diagnoses and prescribing treatment has gone to minimize instances of duplicate tests or performing the same procedures again that was a common scenario earlier. Technology has rendered many traditional systems healthcare industry followed until a few years ago, redundant.

Primary changes that digitalization brought started with maintaining of patients and stock records on computer. But this was soon to change as technology was ready with more to offer to take healthcare industry on a different level.

Technology Digitalized Diagnostic & Therapeutic Equipment

Rapidly transforming medical technology and availability of diagnostic and therapeutic equipment supported by technology changed practice patterns of doctors, revolutionizing and changing the face of healthcare industry across the world.

Technology Digitalized Doctor-Patient Interaction

If you observe you will notice that digital transformation has changed the way doctors and patients interact. Integration of IT with network is a new phenomenon where digital and human expertise combines to examine and diagnose health condition among patients. These are big feats for healthcare industry.

With time technology is becoming more advanced, affordable, faster, and has gone to serve multiple purposes impacting the health care segment like never before; rom diagnostics to prevention to the management of chronic conditions technology is used at every step.

Systems are advancing and moving away from the traditional office or hospital setting towards creating automated and home environment by introducing self-monitoring tools for patients.

Technology Created Apps and Tools to Self-Monitor Health

It is primarily our genes that are responsible for our health; but we know that our behavior also impacts our health in a big way. And if we can identify our bad-for-health behavior and change it, it can improve our health, and reduce onset of chronic conditions. Technological innovations are helping to develop new methods to tap into such behavior. For examples devices and apps are available that buzz when there is a rise in blood sugar or a little before; likewise for blood pressure, hydration level, bad posture, etc. Without technology this cannot be imagined.

Technology & Healthcare Merged to Offer Better Patient Care

The pace and ease with which technology and healthcare are synching and merging, patient care is going to improve and become much more efficient. Because of technological intervention the networking and sharing of information amid doctors working on the patient is taking big leaps, leading to more accurate diagnoses and treatment.

With help of technology, now doctors are able to electronically store medical images, patient’s record of every visit that they can easily refer to and access, if they want to compare it with previous images. Technology also enables doctors to share their patient’s complete medical record with other consultants and specialists for better diagnosis and treatment.

Technology Introduced Concepts like Tele Consultancy, Telemedicine

Technology has also introduced concepts like Tele Consultancy, Telemedicine, HIS, Electronic Health Records and other such web-based services; a convenience that has witnessed a steep increase in the number of digital patients. More and more corporates are deploying a robust IT infrastructure to avail of this technology to facilitate and extend medical benefits to the employees.

Technology/IT has augmented growth in data, encouraged practice of storing health information and medical records electronically. IT has also eased collaboration vis-à-vis data exchange, workflows and mobility.

Future of Healthcare & Technology Combination Looking Up!

Presently IT in healthcare is going through a phase where a lot is being done to improve financial management of technological evolution. The shift to mobile devices, wireless technology and cloud computing is also visible which will bring down system costs further along with improving workflows.

A lot to look forward to, considering Indian healthcare sector is all set to grow in the years to come!

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Practical, Rarely Discussed Do’s & Don’ts of Job Interviews

Practical, Rarely Discussed Do’s & Don’ts of Job Interviews

Appearing for job interviews is the big daddy of all tests and examinations you’ve appeared in your life.  Hence it is important that do your homework, and don’t mess up.

Let’s start with two relevant points that interviewees should pay attention to in order to get into the right company. These are not interview tips but important from the point of view of career.

Choose Your Company/Employer:

First point is that apply in the companies you would like to work with to grow professionally rather than haphazardly applying against appointment advertisements or following instructions of placement agencies.

When you select a company that you want to work with, it is understood that you have made the effort to collect information about the company. And to be appearing for the interview there is a conscious decision. This will give you a different kind of energy, grit, and willingness to perform well in the interviews.

Sync CV with Your Personality:

Second, is about your CV. Get it made from a professional to stand in the competent world but make sure it sounds like you. Sometimes interviewee’s personality does not match with that of the CV she/he carries. The candidate is pretty good but his/her CV looks average and vice-versa. It spoils one’s chances of getting into a good company even before actual interview has begun.

Carry a CV that makes you comfortable. Big words, too much jargon makes you sound hollow.

If it is your first job interview, you’re on a threshold where your status will change from being a student to an employee; and you’ll step into a new phase of life.

While appearing for a job interview (whether it’s your first interview or you’ve faced them earlier), a few points that we’re about to discuss will keep you on the top of your game.

Learn to Say Pass:

Whether you’re appearing for written interview, personal interview, interview on phone or Skype. The employer should get a feeling that you’re focused, dedicated, and serious about your career. While appearing for written interviews, don’t attempt the questions you do not know answers to. Don’t make wild, irresponsible guesses. Employers sitting on the other side of the table are smarter than you think.

Apply the same principal while appearing for personal interviews. If you don’t know the answer, admit politely that you don’t know the answer. Understandably so, it might get embarrassing at times but being honest keeps the interviewee in a comfortable zone to deal with the volley of questions that are to follow.

If you have to appear for phone-interview make sure that you choose a quiet place where there is no noise in the background of people, traffic, other phones ringing etc.  It creates distraction and an impression that you are not serious about work.

If it is going to be a Skype interview, look good, dress well and clean the place that will be visible to the interviewer.  When the interviewer is talking to you, used clothes or soiled teacups would not make for a very good scene. Please pay attention to your appearance.

With phone and skype interviews the advantage is that you can keep your CV and points to highlight handy. Take advantage of it.

If it is a personal interview, do what it takes, but don’t appear hesitant in words or in action. It is a big minus even before a word is exchanged. On the contrary it is very reassuring for an employer to interview a candidate whose body language and speech reflect comfort and self-assuredness.

These are important entry level interview tips. Not complying may result in you being rejected at entry level.

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The Use of Online Portals by Doctors for Placement

The Use of Online Portals by Doctors for Placement

Healthcare; The `Future Bright’ Industry!

Healthcare industry is emerging as one of largest and fastest growing sectors in India.  And there is clear indication that it is going to be a major segment to fuel economic growth and generate employment in the years to follow.

State-of-the-art hospitals, modern medical devices, patient care facilities, clinical trials, outsourcing, telemedicine, medical tourism, health insurance are growing. State economies are booming; revenues and employment opportunities are also growing. The changing face of cities earning reputation of being medical hubs is a standing proof that there is more in the offing.

Owing to the sector growing, the need for professional manpower in the field is on the rise in urban as well as rural India; amid private as well as government hospitals. On one hand hospitals in rural and urban areas are looking for competent doctors; from general physicians, specialists, to surgeons and other medical staff to join their team; on the other, there are growing number of pharmaceutical companies, seeking services of an educated workforce to join them as support staff, Then there is additional requirement of staff that can handle medical admin, insurance, the hi-tech medical equipment and machines, medical software, labs, medicine department, and so on.

Role of Well Regulated Healthcare Recruitment Portals

Considering the above, role of regulated Healthcare Recruitment Portals is getting significant, definite, and better defined. They are emerging as reliable platforms where doctors and hospitals can get to know each other, about each other, connect, and figure out how to best provide support and services to each other and grow.

Medical Employment on the Rise in Urban as well as Rural Areas

Prior to the internet revolution, to find suitable employment in the medical industry was rather tedious. Doctors and hospital staff would have to repeatedly go through a long winded and tiring process of submitting various relevant and mandatory pre-employment documentation, against every appointment advertisement they came across in various media. It used to be a very time consuming exercise. With Healthcare Employment Portals things have eased a lot. This digital innovation causes fewer headaches for everyone involved; time is saved, accuracy of data can be maintained.

Doctors, nurses and related medical staff can register and upload their detailed CVs on these portals as well as go through employment vacancies and opportunities posted by hospitals on the portals. They can shortlist opportunities they want to apply for and do it immediately.  Through these portals they also come to know about suitable employment opportunities in  other cities. They can thus get to choose to work with the best physicians, nurses in the location of their choice and enjoy extensive benefits and opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Professionally & Technically Managed e-Platforms

Portals are hosted in a safe virtualized environment that electronically store information and facilitate offering secure access to registered potential employers and employees. They are given rights to navigate through the portal and avail of services as per their requirement, viz. go through or upload or update relevant documents etc. via PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone by becoming registered users.

These portals have a proper hire form that includes in case of hospital, its profile, in case of candidates, their CV, photographic identification, occupational health & EPP certification, training documents and any other relevant document.

When doctors enroll themselves on healthcare recruitment portals their need to submit their documents over and again is eliminated to a large extent.  These portals also minimize duplication of paperwork making the employment process more efficient.

When you engage or associate with a healthcare portal with a robust infrastructure and roadmap it offers candidates facilities like, reloading/uploading documents whenever ready or updated, at any time of the day or night, from any location. Portals send reminders when document are due for updating or edit without being overbearing.

Healthcare Recruitment Portals have Manpower Managers and teams on its roll who verify the document that are being submitted to the portals every day. If they come across documents wherein certain details are missing, these managers focus on getting those furnished and completed. This means the documents you’ve submitted to such portals is not only secure but also complete in all aspects. This improves your chances of being seen and viewed closely by those looking for services in your category or area of specialization.

If need arises they also verify Medical Council Registration Numbers, eliminating chances of confusion, misconduct, or misuse of platform. In the times of electronic applications &e-portfolios need for doctors to maintain an up to date curriculum vitae remains as important today, and these managers assist you to prepare a clear, relevant and concise resume.

Role of Healthcare Recruitment Portals cannot be undermined. They have taken off and will emerge as an active community. They will evolve with time, become more efficient as user-base increases.

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