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Top 5 Latest Healthcare Technology Tools and Trends of 2017

Top 5 Latest Healthcare Technology Tools and Trends of 2017

We are embracing technology and innovations to keep pace in every sphere of life. Healthcare industry is no exception and is using technology in a big way too. Technology is creating and providing cheaper, faster and more efficient patient care systems and solutions; increasingly playing a role in all the processes in the healthcare industry, from patient registration to patient experience and everything in between like, data monitoring, lab tests to self-care tools etc.

Communication Devices Continue to Evolve the Way Consultancy & Treatments Function:

People are now more digitally attuned than ever before as communication tools have become very user-friendly. Patients are looking at convenient and easy solutions for their health issues and problems. Smartphones and Tablets are perfect answers which have made it possible for these patients to undergo consultation and virtual medical examination from the comfort of their homes or wherever they are, instead of physically rushing or visiting the clinic or hospital. Now it is possible to do all the recording, monitoring, sharing information via communication devices and apps.

All the services that had to be carried out in the hospital premise earlier are now being taken out of the confines of the hospital and getting integrated with fast and easy to use communication devices and apps. In times to come, as technology evolves hospitals are likely to invest more in technology to ease virtual consultancy, diagnoses, treatment prescriptions etc. They will save doctors and patients remote visits and thus become cheaper and quicker.

Robotic Nurses and Assistants:

Every year a considerable number of hospital staff and nurses are reported injured while lifting heavy patients and their life support. Healthcare technology & research labs are on their way, creating robotic nurses and staff to carry out heavy-duty jobs which will safeguard the health of hospital staff as well as that of patients’. Some such Robot nurses are already on-duty under observation lifting real human patients from one place to another. These robots are fitted with high accuracy sensors and technologies and are developed by design experts.

Remote Patient Monitoring to Attain Value based, Patient-Centered Care:

Through existing monitoring programs, healthcare professionals are collecting health data of patients that are required like symptoms, weight, blood pressure, sugar level, blood oxygen, pulse, electrocardiograms etc. based on which doctor makes diagnoses and prescribes treatment. Technology is now taking a step forward, that’ll enable healthcare professionals and patients to take the engagement to the next level by facilitating remote patience monitoring. Healthcare technology experts are developing portal device through which doctor can continuously keep a watch on all kinds of health parameters to monitor patients remotely. This tool will allow doctors to perform their job with accuracy without having to resort to an in-person visit.

Thus the new tool will create an opportunity for the physicians to develop close engagement and partnerships with patients in order to have a real-time update about their health status which will help them to take more accurate and timely steps in fast and efficient manner. This tool/device is going to be of immense help to patients who need constant monitoring and medication. This is going to be a boon for blood pressure patients and those taking insulin to control blood sugar, more so the juvenile diabetics.

Bulbs That’ll Disinfect Environment:

Healthcare Research labs are developing bulbs generating rays with power to kill bacteria in the atmosphere. These will be extremely helpful in hospitals where people with different elements and diseases come and chances of infections spreading are more.  A technology is being developed which is using visible lights will go on disinfecting the environment to prevent infection from spreading further.

Batteries for Medical Devices That Will Work for Longer Duration

Pacemaker fitted in our hearts run on batteries that has to be replaced with an expensive surgery. There are several other medical devices that run on batteries and need charging at some point and that comes for a cost. An innovation is in the offing that will provide us with longer lasting, faster charging batteries.

In the healthcare, world technology is transforming a business model into a transparent, patient driven experience.

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Interviewing Tips for Healthcare Professionals

Interviewing Tips for Healthcare Professionals

If you’re seeking a career in healthcarea segment fast emerging in India, there are certain basic things candidates need to keep in mind. Doctor Job aspirants have to understand that to land a good job requires coming together of many favorable things at one place and clicking with employers.  Right qualification, work experience, your CV and your personal interview all have to go together to land you a job. Even one fails it will spoil your chances.

For healthcare professionals to get the job is about making the right impression on the prospective employer. And this is going to take a conscious effort on your part. If you apply in a good company and your approach is casual you could lose an opportunity of the lifetime that you may not even be able to understand at this stage. And by the time you do, it may be a bit too late.

Considering that healthcare industry in India is set to grow, it’s the best time to find a foothold in this sector. To do this you require a combination of things to favor you. You need the right qualification, preferably experience too, if you project yourself as a quick willing learner to master additional skills that they job may require, it will count in your favor. Other than that you need references if you can procure.

What we have just spoken about are the things that your CV will speak about. Besides these, you also require skills that your CV may not speak of, but they are indeed very important to land you a job in the real world. You need to be confident; you need to have done the work your CV speaks of as fake CVs are easy to identify. Remember recruiters are the masters of this game. If your CV lies it will show and your application will be trashed even before you know it.

Once CV is in order, you got to pay attention and work on your interview skills. Preparing to face interviews is more about getting clarity in your head than about wearing right clothes and sitting in a certain position. They are important aspects too and play a part in getting you the job, but before that, the interviewers want to judge your mind! What is it thinking, where you want to reach, what you aspire to be and what are you willing to do to get there! These are the questions the interviewer wants to know about you to understand and evaluate you. So it is important that you be clear about everything in your head. If you achieve clarity in this, your body language and your confidence will automatically shine through.

Don’t Let Interviews or Interviewers Intimidate You

To be interviewed is a good sign. It means your potential employer considers you a suitable candidate for the job and is ready to have a discussion with you. They are not out to get you or put you in a difficult situation. Their focus is to hire a candidate with specific skill sets for which at times they may put you in a situation that stresses you out. But facing the situation is where the outcome of your interview lies. If you do well, you are the guy for the job. Remember, you are being put on stress test on a mental treadmill when it comes to interviews! So stay positive and do not lose focus!

Pay Attention to Quality of Your CV, include the Important

Your first impression will be created through your CV. So pay attention to how it sounds. For those in the healthcare industry have to remember to include instances of challenges you faced and its outcome; if you handled peculiar situations or crises successfully in your past career it has to find a place in your CV. If you don’t understand how to go about presenting and highlighting yourself, seek the help of those who do. Professionals know what it takes to make a solid CV that reflects your true personality and covers all professional facts in a positive light.

Live Up to your CV

If your personality and your CV are in sync, your chances of clearing the interview improve manifold. There are many instances where aspirants seeking careers in healthcare got their CVs made from high-end professionals, paid a hefty price for it, and even got selected for interview on the basis of the smart sounding CV. However, when they appeared for personal interviews they failed to match the impact that the CV created of them. This is bad for any career. Candidate should be better prepared. Failing at personal interview stage can be a huge setback. To avoid this situation, focus on preparing for the interview. Get comfortable about what is being mentioned in the CV; as a majority of discussion that happens on interview table trigger from your CV.

If you keep these very, very basic facts in mind, that have more to do with your mindset and attitude than writing and communication skills, you are sure to do well for yourself in a career.

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Career in Healthcare Industry in India

Career in Healthcare Industry in India

Healthcare industry in India is growing at a fast pace! There’s more awareness about being healthy now amid people than ever before. Increasing number of people turning for morning walks or taking to Yoga or some form of exercise to keep fit, growing awareness about health insurance for family etc. is a  proof of the fact that healthcare has arrived in India in a big way and is here to stay!

With healthcare having taken off like never before, there have also arrived a deluge of employment opportunities in the field of healthcare, which is developing and taking shape of a structured segment.  Healthcare is not limited to hospitals and employment opportunities not limited to hospital staff. Healthcare includes a lot more including jobs for engineers to develop healthcare software, apps, drugs and more and all these sectors are beaming with new and interesting career avenues offering good future.

If you are interested in taking up job in the healthcare industry but are not sure which health career will be right for you and you are not sure what medical jobs are available out there that may best fit your skills and interest, or that you can take up by learning new skills etc.  You should talk to an experienced person who’s working in the healthcare industry, offering employment counseling or best is to visit a health recruitment portal. When you do, you may even learn about a unique medical career you didn’t even know existed!

Healthcare Recruitment Portals – Your Complete Guide to Landing a Job

The best and most practical way to study the job market for doctors and other healthcare professionals in the healthcare industry is by visiting is a few Healthcare Professional Recruitment Portals. You will get a real idea as to how bright things look on the employment front for doctors and other qualified individuals. On visiting these healthcare portals you will come to know about many off-beat opportunities that offer security, healthy growth prospects and many other perquisites.

There are all kinds of medical jobs emerging in the healthcare sector. Those that pay well and those not too stressful; also jobs that require you to work with patients closely and directly and those in which you work in the background as the support. You should make a choice on your interest and qualifications.

As healthcare is an emerging sector offering newer career avenue, it is likely that there may not be many people yet who can advise and give you all the job-related info off-hand, so medical recruitment portals are the best help.  The benefit of visiting these portals is that they will not only take you close to the opportunities and vacancies that exist in the healthcare sector but will also share techniques for creating sensible CV and covering letters as you prepare to apply for the job. Some recruitment portals are a good choice as they go one step further and prepare you for appearing in Interviews by sharing effective interview techniques with you.

Job for doctors is no more traditional, limited to working in a Hospital set-up or opening a clinic or teaching; there are many opportunities for them in the healthcare sector not available earlier, especially in India. Now we have research and development labs, full-fledged pharma industries etc. that have given rise to many different employment opportunities.  You may be a Biomedical Engineer, Dental Hygienist, Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapist or Optometrist or a doctor looking for a job, a healthcare recruitment portal is a place where you can find the best job openings in the industry. More and more employers, as well as employees, are turning to these recruitment portals to list and seek jobs.

Healthcare industry has given rise to many kinds of jobs besides doctors and those mentioned above. You can have a career as a Medical Assistant, Licensed Nurse, Home Health Aide, Therapist, Pharmacy Technician, Diagnostic Medical Sonographer, Clinical Laboratory Technician, Radiologic Technologist, Health Information Technician, Speech-Language Pathologist, Respiratory Therapist, Surgical Technologist, Phlebotomist and much more.

Healthcare job portals have made these opportunities easier to find online. Doctors looking for jobs can visit these portals to get information about all important aspects related to the job such as the starting salary, long-term growth prospect, scope for flexible scheduling, along with the kind of security the job offers.

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