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How Enrolling with Doctor Recruitment Agencies Helps

How Enrolling with Doctor Recruitment Agencies Helps

If you are a doctor, surgeon, chemist, radiologist, pathologist or any healthcare qualified professional looking for a job in healthcare industry, employment scene is looking for bright.  There are ample of employment opportunities emerging in this field in our country as India is growing in the field of healthcare like never before. Entire cities are developing into healthcare hubs facilitating state-of-the-art and modern hospitals using advanced technology and treatment combined with expert doctors and skilled nurses and other medical staff.  It is natural that where there are so many hospitals coming up, there will be requirement of staff to manage these institutions. Doctor recruitment agencies are traveling more than half way to meet the needs of healthcare industry looking for staff for their hospitals.

Curaa is one such recruitment agency that specializes in providing healthcare staffing services to establish as well newly set up healthcare centers.  It offers services to individuals looking for careers and jobs in healthcare industry as well as to Institutions or healthcare set ups such as hospitals, research centers etc. looking for staff  for their office, hospital  set-up  at the most professional level.

Since Curaa has been into Medical Staffing Services for a while it understands requirements of both parties and thus is able to provide best person for the best job. It keeps aspiring applicants informed about latest skill requirements etc. to help them get ready better for the new profile. When an employee has the required skill to manage latest machines or understand new mode of treatment, he is able to assist doctors better or performs better by prescribing accurate treatment for the patient which is good for everyone including the reputation of hospital. Curaa also guides candidates to learn new skills or upgrade existing skills to be able to find jobs with good future in good environment.  Likewise it keeps in touch with healthcare admin and other staff to keep abreast of their latest requirements so that it can groom aspiring employees accordingly through proper counselling and guidance.

Another benefit of enrolling with Curaa is that it is one of those doctor recruitment agencies that help candidates find jobs across India in hospital industry.  Healthcare set-ups like hospitals, research centers etc. in any city across India can register with Curaa and apprise of their staffing needs to enable Curaa to provide them with a list of candidates fit and suitable for job. A hospital registered with us has to simply brief us about their staffing requirements along with job profile, qualification and experience they expect in a candidate, and we will shortlist  suitable  candidates and get in touch with you.

This way hospitals save time as they don’t have to go looking for candidates in hap hazard manner. They also save money that they spend on releasing appointment advertisements in newspapers, medical journals, advertising through digital marketing, and so on. Curaa works in an extremely organized and professional manner for job hiring in medical field serving both candidates as well as hospitals looking for recruitment of staff.

Those of you seeking services of doctor recruitment agencies, whether you are a candidate looking for job in hospitals or are a healthcare center looking for staff for your outfit, we can help. The quickest way to find out about us is by visiting our physical office or our website to get information about who we serve, how we serve, etc. You can also make a call and talk to our Help Desk to get information. We are always eager to serve and help our clients to resolve problems related to staff  recruitment.

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Importance of Hiring Hospital Staffing Agency

Importance of Hiring Hospital Staffing Agency

If you notice any developing city across India in any state, you will see that hospitals & healthcare infrastructure is building like never before and it’s changing the face of cities where development is taking place. Private and corporate businesses are taking great interest in investing in hospitals in nearly every city that is connected with road and has a basic infrastructure. While some of these hospitals are really large with huge bed capacity and state-of-the-art operation theatres etc., some are smaller set-ups providing specialized treatments. Like some hospitals take all kinds of emergency as well as accident patients in all age groups, while there are some hospitals that specialize only in say, cancer, bone, or fertility cases,  and take patients in that area.

The gist of the matter is that all kinds of healthcare centres are coming up PAN India. And for all these hospitals, staffs is a primary requirement. All these hospitals are in search of staff that can help them to examine and treat patients successfully thereby building a reputation for their institution. This need of employees in large number for the entire set-up or a large part of it can be best fulfilled by hospital staffing agencies. These are those recruitment or placement agencies that specialize in providing various job openings in healthcare industry viz. Physician, Nurses, specialist like cardiologist, dentist, physiotherapist, dentists, surgeons, Anaesthetist etc. So when a hospital or healthcare centre approaches medical recruitment companies, they can expect all their requirements to be fulfilled by a single office. This way hospitals save time, effort, and money that they would have had to spend on scanning through hundreds of job applications that they may receive against newspaper ad or their appointment ad appearing in digital media etc.

Benefits of registering with healthcare staffing agencies:

  • Help the candidates to negotiate for best of the salaries
  • Convenience of engaging with your prospects online
  • Saves time, effort, & money
  • Offers wider choice
  • Medical staffing companies are reliable
  • Professional work approach
  • Better understand healthcare industry and its demands and challenges

The other big benefit of registering with medical recruiting companies is that they are cued about the technical developments and skills in demand in the sector; so they don’t have to be explained anything beyond primary job vacancy. Hospital staffing agencies are familiar with the medical terminology, various employee requirements, their job profile; they also understand how hospital industry functions and also how large hospital set-ups work where all facilities like tests, scans, surgeries, examinations, along with wide range of treatments and recoupment are all provided under one roof.

Just like these medical staffing agencies understand hospital industry and have a fine insight into their requirement and functioning they also understand the employees at various stages of employment from fresher to experienced doctors & hospital staff and counsel them as to take up training to upgrade their skills or add new skills to their profile to be able to have a better and prosperous future. So these medical staffing companies work for good of both, i.e. the hospital as well as aspiring potential employees. Hospitals and candidates can register on website. They can mention their requirements or post the resume as the case may be.

Curaa is one of the leading and professionally managed hospital staffing agencies providing services across India to healthcare sector and individuals who have studied or have experience to take up a career in healthcare industry. One can register within minutes and start exploring their options. You can even do a live chat to get an instant feedback!

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How to Approach Medical Job Agencies

How to Approach Medical Job Agencies

With India rising as a medical hub, patients from across the world are visiting the country to get treatments ranging from surrogacy & IVF; cancer, organ transplant and removal, and many more. India is ready with infrastructure, and able doctors and their teams for treating the most complex cases along with a wide range of associated services to help patients regain and restore health as they head home. With emergence of healthcare sector at corporate level, lots seem to be changing for India, all for the better. As healthcare industry is growing, medical colleges are also buzzing with new energy. We now are in need of more doctors to fill these vacancies. Medical job agencies are also rising to place these candidates in various hospitals emerging across the country.

How Finding Medical Job Openings Has Become More Organized Now

Until a few years ago if you were looking for medical job openings there were limited avenues to explore your options. You could either scan:

  • Newspapers
  • Medical Journals
  • Get jobs through campus interviews
  • Walk into various hospitals and clinics to leave your resume
  • Leave your CV with placement agencies

No doubt placement agencies have been there for decades but the way they operate now is far more professionally compared to 15 or 20 years ago. Now if you are looking for medical job vacancy you can shortlist a few reputed recruitment agencies that specialize and focus on a particular sector. Since their focus is on one particular industry, their familiarity is at a different level. As they have their fingers on the pulse of healthcare industry, they know how to place the best man in the best job. They understand the demand and culture of medical field and expectations from candidates looking for medical job openings and guide accordingly in a candidate’s best interest. These recruitment agencies are very easy to get in touch with. With advent of Internet they all have (generally an interactive one) website of their own which explains the modes of operation as to how a candidate can register his/her profile, start preparing to apply for suitable job openings or become more visible to the companies looking for medical professionals.

The address and phone numbers of these healthcare recruitment agencies are available on their website. You can talk to them and understand the procedure in real time through their live chat window. Recruitment agencies with professional set up will generally revert as soon as you send a mail to them or call them with your query or requirement.

Curaa is amongst the leading medical job agencies specializing in helping candidates find medical doctor jobs in the city of their choice. They have a professional set up that counsels you, has several direct discussions on mail or in person as required to exchange and share important information with regard to employment with an objective of placing right person on the right job. It is very easy to enroll or register with Curaa. You can do it online from the comfort of your home at any time you want. Candidates can simply register and load their profile/resume online and also get their CVs fine-tuned from in-house professional resume makers. Counsellors help you with everything that will improve your chances of getting employed with the best healthcare set ups who will reward you well and offer a challenging future too!

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Get Ready for the Top most Neurologist jobs in India

Get Ready for the Top most Neurologist jobs in India

India is increasingly being seen as an exciting hub for medical treatments for all kinds for patients and diseases worldwide. We are offering all kinds of primary as well as advanced and state-of-the-art facilities, set-ups, treatments, doctors, teams, infrastructure, you name it!  It is an established fact that neurology Jobs in India are on the rise for many defined, debatable, and non-debatable reasons. The fact however remains that we need more doctors to treat diseases related to mind than ever before.

A neurologist is a qualified medical doctor with specialization in treating disorders of the nervous system and brain. Some of these doctors also specialize in treating similar conditions in kids and are called Pediatric neurologists. Neurologist Jobs in India are seeing a steep rise because of increasing number of patients. A nurologist’s educational background comprises an undergraduate degree, four years of medical school, and a year internship, plus 3 years of specialized training. Some of these neurologists also go ahead and take up specialization in specific field of neurology viz. the stroke, epilepsy or movement disorders by going for additional training. Neurologists provide general care and consultancy, examine, diagnose, and treat neuro disorders and if they case is complicated they can recommend surgery. But they are not qualified to perform surgeries. This is the job of neurosurgeons who are trained for the job.

M.Ch Neurosurgery is a 5 years post graduate surgery program. Those qualified as neurosurgeons can examine, diagnose, and perform surgeries to tackle various disorders of the nervous system. Neurosurgeons are qualified to perform surgeries on the brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nerves to help patient get relief from various conditions like chronic pains, wounds, remove tumors etc. They may also be general neurosurgeons or have specialized training in any one area of surgery.

Neurology jobs also involve treating vascular disorders and diseases like epilepsy and Parkinson’s etc.  M.Ch is a highly distinguished and sought after qualification and there are many openings for neurologist jobs in India.

What Can Give You an Edge in Neurology Career?

Clinical experience in diagnosing treating psychiatric diseases such as cognitive impairment depression, stress disorders(including post-traumatic), general life issues, coping with various stresses in life, Dementia/Alzheimer’s, to name a few are skills and experiences that will stand the candidate in good stead in job market. Candidates who can show work experience in fields such as rehabilitation facilities would definitely have an advantage and edge over those still at an early stage of looking for their first employment.  Neurologist jobs in India, especially those in well-established hospitals are always eager to employ candidates who enjoy working within a multidisciplinary team and are be given opportunities where they may be involved in fields like clinical governance, service development if they show promise. Such candidates get many avenues to grow as they are progressing to hone their professional skills.

The best option for those looking to pursue neurologist career, whether in private or government hospitals; medical healthcare centers, Rehabilitation centers, research centers etc. should seek help of professional recruitment agencies. Curaa is one such recruitment agency with focus on healthcare. Their primary focus isto help candidates who seek career and employment in healthcare industry. If you also also looking for job or neurologist or are a neurosurgeon, do register your profile with Curaa;they will be able to take you closer to many promising neurology vacancies in cities of your choice.

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The Emergence of Nuclear Medicine Jobs

The Emergence of Nuclear Medicine Jobs

Nuclear medicine is a subdivision of medical imaging in which radioactive material in a small amount is used for diagnosing and determining the extent of damage disease or medical condition has caused in a patient. Those who practice this field of medicine are called to pursue Nuclear Medicine job. Since India is growing as a medical hub, many specialized branches of medicine are also making way into the country and Nuclear Medicine is one of them.

Not that it was not practiced in India before this, but now with number of patients rising and advanced and state-of-the-art treatments making their way into our country, demand for Nuclear Medicine Physician jobs is also on the rise. With help of this branch of medicine it is possible to treat a variety of diseases, including many types of cancers, neurological disorders, heart disease, gastrointestinal, endocrine, and other types of abnormalities taking place within the body at various stages of life in varying age groups.

Since with the help of nuclear medicine procedures doctor is able to pinpoint molecular activity taking place within the body, the branch facilitates one to identify disease in its nascent stage along with patient’s immediate response to therapeutic interventions. Nuclear medicine imaging provides unique information that often cannot be obtained using other imaging procedures and offers the potential to identify disease in its earliest stages.

For information of those who wish to take up nuclear medicine physician jobs In India -training programs for Nuclear Medicine Technologists takes 1 to 4 years. Nuclear medicine professionals (often referred to as technicians) are required to work with nuclear medical equipment in order to diagnose and treat patients suffering from varying illnesses and conditions. It requires formal training comprising certificate or an associate’s or bachelor’s degree. Practitioner may have to obtain license by the state or as per the law of land.

Education for Nuclear medicine is offered at many colleges and the length of the program varies depending on the program candidate wants to pursue and thereby a career.

Employment opportunities in nuclear medical jobs are projected to grow across the world, including India where the most advanced and well equipped healthcare centers are coming up by way of Foreign Direct investment as well as private corporates and business houses are investing in healthcare business. Future of healthcare industry is looking very bright in India. Nuclear Medicine Jobs are available in Private hospitals, government hospitals, medical healthcare centers, Rehabilitation centers, research institutes etc.

Candidates interested in pursuing career in Nuclear Medicine should keep a tab on medical journals, newspapers, even visual media comes up with programs on their channels highlighting the scope and opportunities field of nuclear medicine has. There are also some recruitment agencies in India who specifically provide workforce in healthcare industry. As they focus on one segment exclusively they gain expertise and understand the demands of healthcare industry and accordingly help the candidate groom to fit the best hospitals and their culture to enable candidates to find and settle in nuclear medicine jobs that offer not only good remuneration, perks and branding but also help candidates to learn and gain good experience and have a bright future.

Curaa is one such agency that specializes in recruiting candidates for healthcare industry. You can visit their website for details regarding enrolling and understanding procedure they follow to use them to your best advantage and come across various nuclear medicine job placements that suit your skill-set and education.

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